Share your Thoughts on Note Card Designs

Hey friends!

It's always a joy connecting with you all. Your support for Pen & Posy has been the heart of our journey, and now, we're looking to you, our creative family, to help shape our next collection of note cards.

Let's chat about our current designs. What do you love about them? What new directions or changes are you craving? Your insights are our guiding stars.

Here’s the fun part: we want your unique ideas for our new cards. Ever had a "why isn’t there a card for this" moment? Or a hobby you’d love to see on a note card? Share those thoughts with us. This is all about bringing your imagination to life in our collection.

Join the conversation in the comments section - a space for creativity and warmth. Kristen, our lead artist, and the Pen & Posy Team are excited to dive into your ideas. We’re here to listen, not judge, and every contribution is valued.

Thank you for being the inspiration behind what we do. Don’t forget to share this post with others who might have brilliant ideas too. Keep an eye out for our follow-up post where we’ll share how your ideas are taking shape in our collection.

Let’s make something beautiful together!


The Pen & Posy Team 🌸✨

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