From Frozen Ponds to Paper: The Tale of The Beloved Hockey Gnome Cards

It's always a delight to see which of my creations resonate most with people. And it's abundantly clear that my watercolor illustrated hockey gnome note cards have struck a chord. These whimsical cards are consistently the top sellers at all three of our locations—Barrie, Newmarket, and Orangeville. It seems that locals and visitors alike can't resist the charm of these playful, quintessentially Canadian designs.

When I sit down to create my watercolor illustrated hockey gnome note cards, I can't help but be transported back to those crisp Canadian winter days when I would bundle up in warm layers and head outdoors. The Canadian winter is a season like no other, where people of all ages embrace the cold in their own unique ways. The essentials for these chilly escapades are a pair of sturdy boots, snug mittens, a cozy scarf, and, of course, the beloved toque—a term we Canadians use for a warm hat. There's something magical about a colourful, hand-knit toque; it has the power to keep you toasty warm all day long!





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